Website changes and crick market

by Sarah Clarke   tags: crick market


Hi All,

I have a kitchen............................yeah!! oh it was a nightmare cleaning up and deciding where to put things. Still not quite straight, got decorating to sort out and am still getting another pantry cupboard soon, but the bulk is done. I can cook, wash up and do washing. Some things in life are quite necessary.

Corby was a strange event, good in principle, but the venue was not ideal for encouraging visitors. Great stall holders as usual. This weekend its Crick market, pop in on saturday, 10 - 12 pick up some craft work or local produce. Tea and coffee for sale.

The website is still 'almost' I must knuckle down this week and get it done and on the right web address. You can link to it from the front page of new jewellery is listed on the new site or Ebay.

The list has disappeared, daren't write a new one yet. There is no way I will write a house list, that would take more than a book. Its polishing today. I have some new gold bits, but definately not awake enough to work with machinery yet. Was in such a deep sleep I need a bucket of water to wake me fully.

Speak soon,


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