T.F.I. friday

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Hi All,

Ok, so today has not started the best. Been to new doctors, trying to do the right thing. Needed a repeat prescription for vitamin D, which I have taken for 3 years. I had a blood test on tuesday. Nope she won't prescribe as my past levels have been ok. Engage brain, probably because I have been on tablets. Sorry stupid bint. 

My trip to Howdens was good yesterday, all kitchen stuff decided, now need to see if fitter has time to give me a price and install!! aaagh.

Thought I had got all the jewellery listed on the new website, only to realise I am missing the silver rings. Poo. Will put some on today and aim to get the website up and running next week. My Ebay shop shows all new silver rings.

Crick market tomorrow, yeah! car all packed, case done too. Even managed to put stickers for craft fairs on my leaflets. Organised chick.

This afternoon I am going to play with some metals. A few commissions to finish, but don't want to cause damage, so leaving them until monday.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. I am going to attempt to move around my workshop, it doesn't work as it is, but looks like a bombs hit it.

Planning to go to some lambing tomorrow with my little, 9 year old, neighbour friend.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x 

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