Hi All,

Well that was a downpour, I do love the rain and I have just tried out my new 'mac' with a hood. The hood is really, really, big, hard to see out without holding it up. Kept me dry though.

I have just sat down at my desk, its covered in paper, copper, a barrell of polished pieces and of course 'my listssssss' which are currently hidden. The best place for them.

So is there enough hours today to make some space!!, I am going to make sure that if there are any new pieces ready for the Crick market, I will photograph them before pricing/labelling. I don't think there is much, most needs to go to hallmarking now.

I have recieved a new 18ct commission order, so I will also be making a new ring for stock. What size!!! 

Now if it was possible to have more arms I would be brilliant at multitasking, my brain works very fast, but phyically and electronically, I can't keep up. 

So lets slurp my coffee, write this blog and procrastinate. Uh oh! me thinks I don't know where to begin.

By the way the new jewellery pieces are being listed on my Ebay shop whilst I continue with my new website.

I suppose I can now empty the barrell and see what goodies I finished yesterday.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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