Its Friday

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Hi All,

Well its been a multi-facted week for me. I have seen some great friends and some self-obsessed friends. The latter don't bother me too much, but sometimes they can out-stay their welcome and the drone can send me to sleep. I grew up with self obsessed mother and sister, perhaps thats why I gravitate to these kind of people, the familiar. Its good to highlight the good people in your life and discard or pigeon hole the sponges who like to drain us. I am smiling at the end of the week. 

Still not recieved my kitchen plan, yes I have chased them up. Nothing done re door, that's next weeks challenge.

I have listed quite a few silver pendants on the new website, I am hoping to go live next week. However the site has been crashing today, hence writing me blog, hoping it springs back to life soon. I would normally worry about this, but its GoDaddy, a big company. I have faith.

I have created a little pot of work to polish next week, some photos have been taken, still not found my stickers (ok, honesty, I haven't looked)

Today I will put a couple of new jewellery bits on Ebay, pop and have a look

I have a busy weekend planned with great friends, looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing, even if its just resting.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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