Monday morning and list making

Hi All,

How was your weekend? mine was quite busy. I am picking up alot of speed now I have moved to Leicester. I have a number of people who I can visit and ones who are visiting me. Its quite a change from living in Weedon. Its like I have been given a pulse back. Enjoying myself, lets see what else transpires. 

So its time I write this weeks list of goals. Starting with listings on my new website. I will get the earrings accomplished and a chunk of the silver pendants.

I have some of last years flyers left, so I need to make some stickers showing this years craft fairs. (Not sure where the stickers are!!! or the size)

The workroom is still chaos, I hope to move some pieces about to see the floor.

I have also got a few pieces to photograph and would like to make some more earrings.  (Thats more than a weeks work)

My new angel may be played with this week, I hope so. The weekend is booked with friends.

Yikes, list can now stop.

Have a good one, speak soon.

Sarah x x 

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