Thursday happiness

by Sarah Clarke   tags: gold, jewellery



Slow start today, my bed is very appealing in these cold mornings. Need a crow bar sometimes.

Yesterday I visiting a new crafter friend, Julie, her son is a fantastic wood worker, his work shop looked more chaotic than mine and he has been there 6 years. (Give myself a break)

Feeling overwhelmed today. Yesterday I said I was more relaxed on the jewellery front. Ha ha! I managed to set up some products on the new website and thought it would be good to rephotograph some pieces/all. Nope, thats not a good plan. I currently have 1800 photos on my website, over 200 products. Going to work through the gold pieces first, see what needs attention in the photography/reworking/restocking. Hope to list a few pieces on the new website too.

Need to pay for hallmarking, which will then turn up tomorrow. Step by step catchy monkey. 

Thanks to everyone who buys from me, it gives me proof I am doing the right thing. I love making jewellery, would love to have the money to be more wild and whacky.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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