Hi All,

Today has started fresh and bright. I don't mind a bit of frost, but the wind whistling in the windows and front door may need sorting soon. I do like the fact that everything I do will be an improvement, so it has to be done right. Taking time will help me get there.

I am alot more relaxed regarding jewellery making too. I have quite a bit of stock made and a number of pieces I could finish off. I don't quite understand the frantic feeling that makers have, we think the next thing will be better, it normally is, but the quest is endless. Time to take stock! excuse the pun. Remake, upgrade, rephotograph and move forward. The new website it taking shape, I haven't been able to load a product yet, that's todays mission.

There are lots of birds at my new place, I feed them too, I also have a sparrows nest in my roof, I have not ventured into the loft yet, leaving that one for the summer and getting a ladder long enough. The cupboard will also be a good wardrobe, so its quite a mission. The door needs replacing, so a  big job when I decide to take it on.

Scaredy cat is much more cuddly these days, lots of lap sitting, its quite odd only having the one cat.

I need to start booking fairs for March, its on the list.

Time to put some of the new pieces on Ebay. Pop in and have a look. You can purchase anything you see direct, just email me

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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