Working to the line

Hi All,

I hope you can all look back at 2018 and raise a smile, whether it was good or bad, it will soon be over and time to think afresh.

Me, I would say its been quite a hard year, moving house being quite traumatic. No further injuries though so hey! finishing the year by recovering from a bad cold/virus. Been knocked off my feet for a few days. Temperature has now become normal and I am getting stronger again.

Today I have worked, listing some final pieces from 2018. Pop in and have a look at my Star jewellery and Ribbon Angels, yes I made some new angels in 2018. It was last minute that I would have them finished, very proud. 

Grey cat has had me and the vet worried, thought it was going to be the end, but he has bounced back. May not last long, he has a tumor in his belly, so the old man is having a relaxing christmas and new year (like always). I am glad of the cuddles.

I hope you have a fantastic night, however you are spending it, see you next year.

Sarah  xXX

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