Fluidity Ring, restock

Hi All,

Done it, listed all the new chunky, plus size, mens, unisex, fluidity rings. Pop into the website and have a look. There is also a new large starfish. www.fluidbydesign.net

Now to pack for Donnington Hall, preview night tomorrow, so not much time left to be organised. Nightmare, workshop light has blown, just hooked up lamp to continue working.

So Scaredy cat has found the fire, he won't be moving until I do.

Ok, just got sidetracked and did some earring packing for tomorrow. Gold pendants to sort now. Thought I had best finish this blog.

Remember to use the Coupon/promo code - Christmas2018 to get 15% off your purchase.

Sales to also pack now, so signing off.

I probably won't be back until saturday night with the prize draw winner.

Sarah xx 

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