Friday update, jewellery blog

Hi All,

Becoming human again after Lamport weekend. Saturday was windy, yet warm, Sunday was sooooooooooooo cold. I remembered why I bought a warm blanket, yep didn't take it with me. Sorry guys, never doing the later one again. But you can see me at Lamport in May, as long as they have me.

Its been a crazy week. Still living in chaos. I have purchased a parasol and base to do my polishing, before I get more established.  But not set them up yet. It was only last night I picked up the base. I also did a big B and Q shop, had it all delivered today, now need to see if I can manouver into place. Already the shelves need different 'lugs' to fit... more fun. I have bought 3 packs of net and ends, only to have the wrong length. Done today, yeah! I am sort of enjoying being busy, but its hardwork.

Some new rings have been created, only need to polish, see above as to reason why. Now I am going to make a robin brooch for a lovely customer.

Moggies are very happy with their cat flap and scaredy cat has decided the window sill in my workshop is his place. 

I hope to see some of you at Crick market this weekend. Its not much further to drive than my previous address. 

I am looking forward to my sunday lie in.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x 

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