Lamport Hall

Hi All

Well its been crazy here, gas leaks, no aerials, failed washing machine delivery, to say the least. On the positive side, the cats are happy and already using their new cat flap, its a warm house, with the sun glaring through the front windows, glad for the blinds, also put up nets, so I can see outside.

Today I am packing for Lamport Hall weekend, I have found most things, but missing my pricing stickers, so thats the hunt for the afternoon. I hope to see you there. Remember the Hayrack Gallery at Upper Stowe is on the South Northants Art Trail this week, pop in and get a brochure, the trail ends on sunday.

I also have to pop to Argos to pick up an electric cooking hob/stand as my cooker was condemed with the gas leak.... yeah! but at least I now have a fridge freezer. Plugged in, hoping it will be cold so I can do a bit of shopping.

For some reason I can't send out on, so thats another thing to fix.

Now I am popping to the car to get a ring box to sort out a lovely sale.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x 

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