Hi Stranger

Hi All,

Well it happened, I moved house and what a nightmare that was. For all that have had a run down of events of the day, they have all agreed it was probably the worst house purchase/move they have ever heard of.

So I am in now and am finding all the things that need fixing, like not having a tv aerial or sockets!, rotting wood, no fridge/freezer or washing machine, all in a days work.

I am emptying boxes and making things usable. However, looking around it will take a few weeks. My workshop has landed, I have yet to make it function. All good for posting out pieces though.

I am cutting this one short, I have the mailshot to write and am off for lunch (no fridge, no food). My local ASDA is now my main meal of the day.

There is a coupon MOVING2018, which will give you 20% off purchases from my website, valid until 30th September.

New chains on order in case you want a longer length.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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