September stress

Hi All,

So where have a been? having a bit of a meltdown at the moment. Given 7th as a possible moving date, then told still have questions to be answered by sellers solicitors.

Then told a few in the chain are going on holiday in September and the first possible date will be the 24th. 

With a number of my workshop pieces packed I made a decision to unpack and reset up. So I am living in a 'box' room, to say the least. Workshop is about reset, tomorrow will see me cleaning a number of polished jewellery pieces and hopefully sending off a hallmarking package. Fingers crossed it comes back before I move.

Now, I am quite  a relaxed person and think this is all for a reason. Idea number 1 is that I buy my new pushbike, get it delivered into the chaos and so the movers can take it to the new place. So far, head mushed. Going back to the store this afternoon. They are not cheap, so it must be right.

Oh, and my planning meant I kept August clear of craft fairs - to move, ha ha ha. Here we go again. Coombe Abbey Woodturners craft event this saturday and sunday. Yes had to repack my items. I have put off restocking boxes, ready for the move, so I had no pendant boxes, yep ordered from elsewhere at a higher price. Its ok, I am not completely mad, yet!

On a lighter note, I have got some new charcoal blocks and am going to melt some metal this afternoon. Ahhhhh! Bliss..

Sorry, no newsletter this month, I needed a break.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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