Thursday already

Hi All,

Well the week has flown by and although I am working, I don't feel like I am achieving. A bit same 'ole same 'ole. 

Its probably down to the fact I am trying to sort out bits I have had hanging around and making them into something. I am quite a wasteful jeweller, putting off cuts aside, not recycling them. So now I am putting my foot down with myself to recycle the gold and silver off-cuts. I think you have seen there has been some success, but now I have ground to a halt mentally, with what to make. I was also using carbon blocks to melt onto and they have all broken apart, so I need a new medium to melt onto. Goes against the principle of not spending money.

So I am head scratching for inspiration without costing anything. I do like the challenge, we will see what emerges.

In the meantime I have set up a nuMonday shop its a new online shopping place, pop in and take a look. My listings will be appearing daily.

I am also in a quwandry as to whether to order new boxes and business cards, due to the impending house move they might not arrive in time, mailings may have to get creative in the meantime. Yep, officially head smushed. Think the stress is beginning to appear.

Also to top it off, I am now participating in my friends handfasting ceremony at the weekend. A great honour, but Aaaaggghhhh!! I will tell you how it goes.

Off to list a few bits, then melt some stuff before going to the dentist. Not my best day.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x 

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