Update on Jewellery


Time for a quick check in, how is your week? bit on the warm side today. Just about to pop to the post office, leaving the fans on for when I get back.

Nightmare yesterday, no internet, BT had cut off my phone a week early, panic, panic. Went and got a wifi dongle, fingers crossed.

Home, moved the fan back into the living room, it doesn't work, NO! Thats all I need. Checked the plug, it started working, yeah! and so did the broadband. Seems like I pulled out the plug the night before. What a plonker. Looking on the brightside though I now have a dongle for when I move house. 

I have opened a numonday.com shop, taking a while to get it going. Fingers crossed it will be good.

Popping off, 

Speak soon, keep cool.

Sarah x x

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