Happy friday to all

Hi All,

Just another reminder to use code - TOOHOT2018 at checkout to get 10% discount on your purchase.

Talking of which, I love my fans. Sitting here 10 mins ago, starting to overheat. Realised the fan was not on. Oh! baby its good. How are you coping? I have switched into holiday sleeping mode, going to bed with wet hair after a cooling shower. Its working.

So my house move is going well. Going to be a few weeks yet, excited, but daunting. I am sure it will happen smoothly in the end. Sometimes we have too much time to worry. The heat is not helping with my packing. Ironing was in a few stages yesterday too, big thank you to my electric fan for all the support during this difficult time. 

Grey cat, on the rug or in the window. Scaredy cat outside! who knows where, he pops in when he is hungry.

I managed to go back to the gym on wednesday, after a month off following my broken toe. Air con made it bearable, back today. I am a bit of a gym nutter, albeit I can't do much due to this magnificent body problems. Makes no difference to size, its a mental drive, just love the adrenalin high it gives me.

So I am sure you have not just popped in to hear about my life. Lets talk jewellery.

I have made a couple of silver bangles and photographed some new rings, plus some rings that were in the Eye2eye shop in Wollaston. So it looks like I have been working harder than I have. Watch for my listings.

I will be sorting out my Aug newsletter soon.

Keep cool, water those birds and hedgehogs.

Speak soon, Sarah  x

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