Mid Week

Hi All,

How are you doing this week? Warm enough for you? I love the sun, but stay out of it as I suffer from heat stroke very easily. The trees in my garden are loving the sun, plenty of plums soon.

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Its Polishing day today, time to get dirty and make pieces all shiney. Its always nice to get some commissions finished. I have quite a good amount of commission work now, lead times are now 8 -10 weeks minimum.

Have you seen my new skinny rings and the silver fluidity egg pendant?

My house move seems to be plodding along nicely, I hope to be on the move in the next few weeks. Packing is underway. I am glad I started early, its not the best job in the world. My rubbish is being cleared out nicely though. I am being tough and thorough.

Moggies are being bizarre, Grey cat, inside all day on a rug. Scaredy cat, outside all day, only see him when he is hungry. 

Speak soon,

Sarah  x x x 

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