Hi All,

Well its been a crazy week. Finally I am back to a slow pace, just in time for a dentist appointment this evening, I never look forward to the dentist, I also have to talk about reworking some bad fillings done by a local dentist a few years ago. Painful and expensive I am sure.

Paperwork completed on the house purchase, now its just my conveyancer to do her job, she is brilliant. Sally Ruland at Rollasons if anyone you know is moving house. 

I have listed a couple of bangles and a new fluidity pendant, have you popped into the website to have a look? I have sold some bangles lately, before they even get photographed, so yesterday I made two more. Awaiting hallmarking now. Email me if you would like a bangle made to fit your wrist perfectly.

Commission work plodding along nicely and cash in my pocket, life if feeling good. Moggies got clean bills of health, birds fed and watered, sun is shining. Doing what I love.

I have alot to be happy about. I hope you and yours are happy too.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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