Monday, calm

Hi All,

Well monday has arrived and it feels like a day off. You can guess I have had a mad one. 

Firstly, found a house in Leicester purchase, yeah! search is over, but logistics will change regarding friends and customers. At least its not the other end of the world. A few months for it all to go through, not panicking yet.

Spent a day out with kind friends yesterday, giving my knee a day off driving, but ended up walking so far I was in lots of pain and felt I couldn't go much further. Thats the limit. Found it.

I changed a few things on the website on thursday and of course broke the sub-catagories for the jewellery shop, all fixed now. Good job I looked something up yesterday to see the problem. Plonker.

I made a list last night as I was feeling overwhelmed, but ticking off nicely now, only a few items to do in the next hour. I love lists. 

I hope you had a great weekend, congrats for all football fans.

Hallmarking package returning later this week, I may have a few new pieces next week for you. Newsletter out on the 1st.

Enjoy the sun, speak soon,

Sarah x x

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