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Mr Hedgehog was very hungry a few days ago, he was out at dusk searching for food. I looked up hedgehog diet and ended up cooking him broccili and cabbage on monday, yep its still there. He did enjoy the cat biscuits though. 

I have been out and about house shopping, 1 cancelled appointment, 1 door that wouldn't open, 1 nice house, not so nice area. Knee in pain. Joining in is the broken toe. Yeah! on the same leg of course.

So this weekend I have two fairs, saturday is a psychic fair in Stewartby, sunday is Uppingham feast day and I am in the town hall. See my craft fairs tab for more details. I may have a limp.

To celebrate the sunny days I have raised a discount

JUNECUST2018 - coupon code gives you 10% off your purchase in June.

See you soon,

Sarah x x

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