Morning all,

Thoughts to all, one year on, from the Manchester bombing. Bee strong and look after each other. 22 new angels flying together.

So have you popped into my website lately? I am listing some new gold jewellery, an angel wing, a rose gold blossom angel, white gold heart studs and drop earrings, to name but a few. I have four more pieces which will be listed after this blog is posted

Its Castle Ashby weekend craft fair, sunday and monday. if you like Jazz, they are also having a jazz supper night on friday. Most of my new pieces will be there. Send me an email if there is specifically a piece of jewellery you want to see.

I no longer have the email it was too expensive to have so many email addresses.

Hedgehog news, still hearing them chomping outside my bedroom window, so going well. Moggy news, sleeping, eatings, having time out in the sun. 

I hope you have a brilliant weekend planned ahead, even if its just to relax and recouperate.

See ya soon,

Sarah x x

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