Tuesday, sunny

Morning All,

Lamport yesterday was brilliant. I was actually too warm for a change. However some were still cold in the stables. Fantastic amount of customers. Sometimes it was very squashed in the room I was in. The other stallholders were fun to be with too.

I also had a blast from the past day at Lamport. 3 childhood school friends turned up. Smashing to see them, I will be in touch.

If you wanted to talk to me, but couldn't get near, I am at Workbridge in Northampton this weekend. There is no charge for entry. I think its going to be quite an event this time.

So my little shell studs have been flying away and I have a number of commissions for more. If you would like a pair in silver/or gold, email me and I will add you to the list.

Today is a case of catching up with all the sales, posting internet sales. Writing up commissions. Sorting out the sold listings on the internet and writing down what I need to be accomplishing this week. I have sorted out my replacement stock for my stall. Well some of it so far. I feel this week will be busy. Only have physio booked in the calendar, so at least I can find plenty of time.  

I am sure I could babble on more, but busy girl.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x 

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