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Most of the times that I write a blog is when I am wide awake and my brain is fully functioning. Not today. Feeling fuggy, must be a hayfever day. The sun is shining and its beautiful to look at.

I am pondering Lamport this weekend, sun/mon I remember how cold it can be in the buildings. Must find my blanket. I am lucky that I can set up my stall on saturday. It takes away alot of stress being organised the day before. When a craft fair is over an hour away I tend to set up on the morning, but you do feel like you have done a days work before the doors open.

For all of you contemplating the craftng world. Stalls at local village events normally start between £5-£40 for a table, bigger events average between £150 - £450 for the same size 6ft table. If I went to an event like NEC, then stalls go into the thousands. An event fee doesn't always cover a table or chair hire, or electricity point. This is not always available either. You need to check if the event is indoors or whether you are expected to bring your own gazebo. Its quite a minefield at the start. Never expand out of your table area without prior arrangement, this normally carries an additonal fee. You will land into a new world of great like-minded people. If you don't sell immediately don't dispair, it takes time. 

So todays plan, make a couple of gold rings and a few silver pendants. Prepare for hallmarking.


Listings on Ebay and Etsy.

Tidy up my workshop a bit more.

Have a great day, speak soon,

Sarah x x

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