Morning All,


Well its been a discombobulated kinda week. (love that word)

I have had a birthday and celebrated with friends. Also been out and about to many locations and its only thursday!

Today I need to stay still and do my accounts. Trying to wake up first. I am taking some new hayfever tablets and they are making me sleep like a log and wake up all fuzzy. The workshop needs tidying too, so thats on the list.

On a positive note I have been accepted for Millets Christmas Craft fair in November. I am looking forward to the new location and people. If you are starting in the craft fair business you need to sort out fairs as early as possible, as the best ones get full quickly. I have even sent an email to secure stands in 2019. Stand prices range from £10 is a local village hall to £450 for somewhere like Henley in marquees. If I was to look at Goldsmiths or NEC, the price for a 2m stand can be around £1500 for four days.

My year is different to most too, as making jewellery takes time. I try and book fairs before april. Make christmas stock by August and pay bills up front with christmas sales. This means I am free to actually do the fairs and take commission work in my stride. I have now been making 16 years. The time has flown by. I do feel lucky to do something I love. I am respected by my peers and I feel I was right to stay unique and not go into wholesale. I would of made more money, but that was never my goal. Creating is the main love for me. Thank you all for supporting me and liking my style of work. I am happy to speak to all of you with commission ideas.

Very soggy today.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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