Morning lovelies

Hi All

I am saying morning as it is when I begin the blog. 

So how is it where you are? I have a few snow patches left, but getting much better. I didn't have to use my new tyre snow straps. But they are in the car just in case for the future. Check me out for being organised.

My neighbour did have some salt and a snow scraper, but she has taken them to her new house, hopefully I won't have to purchase before I move.

Enough about the white stuff.

So whats happening in the Fluid by Design jewellery world. I am going to be showing you my new tiny earrings soon. I really like making this delicate work, but it has to be in gold as silver is too fragile to use or wear, remember you can commission in 18ct.

I am recycling some silver off-cuts so I don't spend on materials and I am reworking some old pieces. Thats one of the best things about metal, it can be reworked.

I do still have a new angel to make, the concept is decided and the name. Just need to pause and get it made. There is something in the  cosmos that is holding back this years beauty coming to fruition. Thoughts are with my old friend Billy who recently died, such a lovely man, a big, big, loss.

Sorry that was a moment. Going to work on a recycling commission.

Speak soon,

Sarah x

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