Hi All,

Busy start to this week already. Commissions coming in thick and fast. All have a good time, so not stressful. Its more a case of writing them up.

Yep just got distracted and decided to check all the hallmarks on some gold I have been given to recycle into jewellery for a ladies family of girls. I am really enjoying this project and Margaret is a lovely lady too.

So I have done a few listings today, new pinky rings, sizes C and E, yep they are proving popular. Us sizes 1 3/4 and 2 3/4. I also have a new Birdie, smaller than my previous one. His beak and eye are 9ct rose gold. There is also a lucky gourd pendant with matching stud earrings. Pop in and take a look. 

My jobs list is quite bitty this week, glad I have written it and its only tuesday.

I hope your week has started well, speak soon,

Sarah x x

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