All gone

Hi All,

Well the snow has all gone here. Quite relieved actually. Thoughts for everyone still stuck and suffering. I hope you are keeping warm and are getting help where needed.

I can now see the bird food put out over the last few days and hidden by snow. I hope they get to eat it up today.

As I am free of snow this week my posting will be leaving within a day. If you are purchasing for Mothers Day please ensure your post is getting through.

So what are my jewellery missions for the week! I have 'some' lists written, only two. Nothing is really jumping out at me. I think I need to stock Eye2eye and Hayrack with earrings.

Then its a couple of commission pieces. A few new photos to be taken to spruce up listings. I also have no craft fairs booked for April, so I will have to investigate there.  I get a number of emails for craft fairs, but as the week goes by I forget to answer them. Thats a must, now on the new list

I also have a couple of fluidity rings I got hallmarked in 2017. To be finished this week. Polishing wed or thursday in my mind.

Ok decided its a mush list. Best crack on and see if I can take something off rather than add to it.

Have a great monday.

Sarah x x

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