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Hi All,

Thanks for the comment on my website Angie D. you are now in the prize draw to win £100, good luck.

Snow news. My friends made it home yesterday, twonks.

Snow is still here, but not falling at the moment, predicted any time now, so waiting for snow tv. Yes you know I am inside and warm.  Might be popping to the post office later, depends if my commission customer pays today.

Feeling very sorry for the birds, I am regularly leaving food out for them and so is a neighbour, but they must be quite hungry as a crowd arrives when they see it go out. If I had a spare bowl I would put out water for them. 

Cats are not impressed. What more can I say, they're cats.

I ended up calling it a snow day yesterday when my little neighbour came and asked me to play in the snow. I don't need much persuasion.

Photos done, currently making them pretty. Should I or shouldn't I advertise in a magazine? its one I haven't tried yet. Will have to check out prices.

The Eye2eye shop in Wollaston and The Hayrack gallery in the Dairy farm at Upper Stowe also need new earrings. Still can't deliver until the snow goes. Good to be organised.

Have a warm day, speak soon.

Sarah xx

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