Weedon Snow news

Hi All,

Well I am sure you have your own dilemmas, but if you're reading my blog then I am sure you enjoy hearing the day to day tribulations of being a self-employed jewellery designer/maker.

Yep still snowing. Beastie not here at the moment though. Apparently thats going to start at 2pm, according to my phone! and of course thats when I am off out in the snow to reach the post office. Not going to try the car, I live on a bit of a slope. My hero postie made it to me today, but she said she had almost got stuck twice already.

I have friends travelling home today and to be honest I think they are being a bit stupid. They didn't have to for a few more days. People don't think about 'if' there is a tail back, or 'if' something happens to them, ie a breakdown. Please think people, emergency services can't get to everyone at the best of times. In the snow you have no chance. Its selfish to all those who really need help in situations beyond their control. Rant over.

So today I am making a skinny ring commission. Photographing the pieces I polished yesterday and applying for a couple of fairs. I also have some commission work to get paid for. Yeah! 

Wish me luck on my snow trip.

Keep warm,

Sarah x x

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