Hi All,

So how is your week beginning? Yes its a cold wind out there. I am so pleased I don't have a draught in my office. Did think I really need more jumpers or sweatshirts in my life. Perhaps the odd pair of leg warmers. Thermal socks are fab.

Now if you have a partner then its a good week to get all snuggled up and warm. Valentines doesn't have to cost much, apart from thoughtfulness and time. I will have to cuddle my moggies more and thinking about treating my crib buddies to some heart sweeties. Old romantic me.

So to jewellery updates. Crick Village market this saturday. 10.00am - 12.00pm why not pop in and buy your samoses, sausages and cakes. Whilst browsing the gifted crafters offerings.

I have listed my new 18ct tiny pieces this month. I hope to expand this collection through the year.

Although I am not making much this time of year I have a number of pieces I made for christmas that are available to be photographed and listed now. 

I am also searching for some good craft events, so drop me an email if you know of one going on. It can't be too far away as my knee is still dodgy. Update, my knee cap is over the leg bone and needs to be moved back into position. Strapping has failed so far. I have been given exercises, but swelling quite badly with that. Allowed to drive and walk, but it maybe sometime before I can get back to the gym or dancing. Grrr... 

Have a smoochy week,

Speak soon,

Sarah xx

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