Head Mush


Well I realised yesterday that all my sense of the days is to pot at the moment. I am about 4 days in front of myself. So strange.

I think thats down to not working mon-fri for a while. Kicking myself into a pattern again.

Have you seen my new 18ct jewellery? they are all in the 'New Jewellery' section of my webshop http://www.fluidbydesign.net

Today I am being creative and making an earring commission. Sorting out a ring alteration and some diamond stone settings. I also have a few listings to add. 

I really need to sort out my flyer, its now on the list.

My head is full of new ideas, I just need to get designing. Thinking is so much quicker than acting. 

Have a great day. I had a bad night with the wind, how about you? A bit soggy now.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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