I'm back

Hi All,

Well its time to get back to the workbench.

I have really enjoyed tidying up and sorting out. Not totally finished, but I can see the desk and only some filing and shredding to finish.

And you know me, never like to procrastinate. I have today listed some new pieces, its gold stud time and tiny jewellery making. I have made some new 18ct tiny jewellery. I just need to photograph and list for you to see. This will be done in time for the newsletter.

Feeling really good about this coming year. Luckily for me I have seen snow, but it hasn't disrupted life too much. I need to work more on the marketing side of things, time to make a new flyer and investigate craft fairs.

Lots to do, the day is getting away from me.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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