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Hi All,

Thats the end of this years fairs, yeah! the weekend was strange to say the least and very cold. I should of stayed home and just dealt with the internet sales. All done and dusted now, so time to have some sleep. Will I learn and not to do so many fairs next year. Hmmmm, I doubt it. Sucker for punishment and you have to be a bit strange to do craft fairs anyhow. I love other crafters, it makes it all worth while.

So my plan for this week is to get 2 rose gold rings altered and sent. A pair of earrings sorted for a friends commission. Unpacking my jewellery and chains and earrings and boxes. Then I have to realise what I need in the New Year. Also have to sort out christmas presents and cards. Yikes! get on top of my washing pile and housework. Perhaps some food shopping would be good too.

My boiler saga is still happening too, just been promised it will be fixed thursday. Everything crossed. Thursday is also physio day for my knee, still swelling, maybe a new plan needed in the new year. May need to cancel my gym membership now, its been 6 months and its not looking like I can get back to it for the foreseeable future. 

Remember you can still purchase up to wednesday and get your parcel, but you will have to sign for it or pick it up from the post office. You can direct them to Argos if you purchase from the Ebay shop. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/sarahclarkejewellery

Time to put my feet up today,

Speak soon,

Sarah x xx

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