Oh Boy!

Hi All,

Its 5 to 5pm, its been a busy day.

Scaredy cat to the vets, but good news, his thyroid is finally functoning well and that means he actually sleeps during the night, hence I get sleep too. Speaking of which, pretty shattered today. The weekend is catching up with me. Etwall was a good day, but quite a far drive. Knee is all swollen, but I have to drive everyday until sunday, so yep sunday is a staying still day. I did bump into a lovely lady wearing a Mini Angel, she had been given it as a present and loved it. We had a great chat, it warms my heart when I see my pieces worn.

New physio starts on thursday. Specific exercises with monitoring, I don't think they will get far unless the swelling goes down quickly.

I have been busy today repacking for saturday in Leicester. The Very Thing!! never done this one either, so looking forward to it. I hope to see some of you there.

Just about squeezed all out of today. Have you popped into the 'new jewellery' lately? new stone rings added last week.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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