Well thats a good title.

Done..................... with making for this year, apart from commissions and restocking

Take a look at the 'new jewellery' to see a number of stone stacking rings, opals, sapphire, ruby, diamond.

When they are gone, they are gone.

Its an amazing feeling to of finished with new pieces. I can clear the decks and believe me its everywhere. I can now concentrate on having good craft fairs.

Knee update. Been to physio, they are putting me on a weekly programme to see how different exercises affect the knee and what I am able to accomplish without more swelling and pain. Also been to doctors, we agree not to have an injection to take fluid out and put stuff in. Didn't fancy it to be honest. A few painkillers given so I can sleep when its very bad. Got to check on how they react with me, just in case I get woozy. Review around christmas time. I am improving though, I can do stairs, I can walk for much longer and can sleep alot of the time. Yeah! No gym yet though Grrrr..

Christmas fair in Etwall this weekend, looking forward to a different lot of customers to meet. I hope they like my work.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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