Crick market

Hi All,

How is your week going? better than mine I hope. Been all over the place and not accomplishing. Until today I did some jewellery polishing. the parasol works, especially with the new sandbag holding it in place. I can polish in the dry anytime. Eventually I will have a permenant area, waiting for a quote on that one.

I have started packing my case for Crick market on saturday, I hope to see some of you there. Its going to be a crazy day, visiting the hayrack gallery and a customer too, after the fair. Always best to get things done in the same area.

Yep had to pop away and do a quick email there, and another one. Talk about organised, staight back to blogging.

Now this is another mission today. I have been offered a stand locally, but they have said the access is through a gateway off a main road. Not happy thats usable, going to check it out soon. Organisers need to be aware that stallholders need to unload, near to the location and leave our cars. Not holding out much hope for this one.

Better get sorted, speak soon.

Sarah x x

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