Monday warmth

Hi All,

How was your weekend? I had a fun, but hectic one. Glad its monday to sit still.

Having quite alot of trouble sleeping at the moment, tossing and turning. The fan is on, but its not really helping me. Also got new PJ's, nope that didn't help, but I like them.

So jewellery news, I popped into the Eye2eye shop in Wollaston courtyard on saturday and did a big stock change. New rings and rose gold earrings all stocked. Worth a visit to get your organic produce, next to the Doc Martins outlet shop and there is also a cafe and butchers. A gentle little shopping place.

I need to look at the stock at the Hayrack gallery, but I am low on boxes and chains, so that may have to wait a few weeks.

Have you seen my new jewellery in my webshop? I have a couple of listings to do this week. Some fluidity rings, a unique egg pendant and a cross with a heart. That might have to be tomorrow now as the day is running away with me.

I hope your monday is going well and you are managing to keep cool. Lets have a discount coupon, called - TOOHOT2018 - this will give you 10% off until the end of July.

Speak soon,

Sarah x x

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