Sarah Clarke Artists Statement

Sarah Clarke is an inspirational UK jewellery designer who has been creating unique pieces of jewellery since graduating in 2001 from Leicester with a B.A.(Hons.) in Jewellery Design.

Sarah’s life and work are inspired by the fundamental principle “flowing through life with the fluidity of creation” hence her unique brand: “Fluid by Design”.

Angels (in various shapes and forms) are Sarah’s “signature” while flowers, hearts and free-form shapes also pepper her magical bespoke jewellery. She has a particular passion for working in rose gold, a favourite of the Victorian age, because of its rich colour and allusions to love and romance.

In keeping with Sarah’s highly spiritual “New Age” persona is her heart-felt conviction she was guided to create angels on earth in her jewellery “to watch over others” in their life’s journey.

Sarah’s stunning fine jewellery pieces are not mass-produced but meticulously hand-crafted using traditional jewellery making techniques such as hand carving and hand polishing/finishing, sadly skills which are long-gone from the high street.

The stand-out quality of Sarah’s jewellery speaks for itself and has won countless hearts (and delighted clients) in the UK and internationally.

By recycling or “upcycling” customers’ own gold, Sarah can create a “phoenix from the ashes”, bringing a whole new life to a dated family or sentimental piece or tired “scrap” jewellery discarded in a drawer or jewellery box.

 As your life evolves Sarah can capture significant moments in time:  weddings, christenings and anniversaries with a precious memento to mark the occasion.

 If you want to own (or gift) a “forever” piece of jewellery in Sterling silver, 9ct, 18ct gold, you may find “the one” in Sarah’s enviable repertoire. If not, why not commission something bespoke, unique to you, by emailing Sarah personally with your wish list? She’ll take her “Fluid by Design” muse from there.